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  • “baud” is defined as an int and cannot hold 115200. (-32768 to 32767 signed, 0 to 65535 unsigned) I pushed the correct values into the divisor latch manually and 115200 works fine:
    U0DLM = 0x00;
    U0DLL = 0x20;

  • Yes!
    Please if anyone has gains that work with the “TowerPro” servo that sparkfun sells please post them. The only ‘kind of’ suitable parameters I’ve found is P-200 D~240, but as AK47 said, that leaves huge steady state error. Also MAKE SURE TO SET “SWAP_PWM_DIRECTION_ENABLED” or your servo will try to destroy its self.
    Sparkfun, please a little support on this one, and please “Release” your CVS code module before you zip it up for the public.

  • Does this come flashed with the bootloader and application?

  • I think you meant:

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