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  • Product DEV-12749 | about 2 months ago

    Will the WiFi support monitor mode and do injection?

  • Product TOL-09544 | about a year ago

    No CAN? And is the PC side a bring your own or is there a PC/Mac/Linux host program?

  • Product TOL-10950 | about a year ago

    I’ve used/have the shapelock brand/version. Like it a lot.

    Flat sheets reheat quick, but its possible to trap water are air in it when kneading it.

    Legos make great molds (though if too hot it can stick. cooking spray should help)

  • Product WRL-10269 | about 2 years ago

    I’m looking for a bluetooth modem that will retain its settings. I want to use this to go from a RS-232 off a ham radio to a tablet via BT. So the ham radio won’t be able to send any set up commands.

    Will this thingy work? (obviously with level shifting)

  • Product ROB-10398 | about 3 years ago

    If reversed will it work (for blow)? Some vacuum pumps seize up if run backwards (veined). I’m looking to build a picker, and would need a ‘blow off’ to break vacuum, and would rather not get into solenoid valves and such.

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