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  • Since I went to tiny stepper motors by now, there seems to be another question regarding the output current.
    Is there any way to add a jumper in order to change the Rs for the PWM control to allow switching to 1 - 188 mA output current?
    Obviously, I have no idea how much a jumper + resistor adds to the production costs, but that would allow people to use all those miniature steppers ripped out of old CDROM drives or stuff like that.
    Anyway, right now I am trying to locate Rs to switch it out for a higher value resistor. If there is something obvious, that makes it much easier to adjust the current range, just let me know...

  • There is a jumper (SJ2) that need to be closed to use 3.3V. Then, it should work with 3.3V as well.
    According to the driver's datasheet, logic levels are 0.7*VCC for high.

  • These boards are very nice! There's only one thing I am missing:
    For people, who do have their own boards, a "regular" mount option with stand-offs would most likely be worth gold.
    On the breadboard it works like a charm, but mounting it somewhere in a project box is really painful right now.
    Anyway, thanks for the great board. Much better than v3.1.

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