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  • Maybe also post a couple of links at the top to other, up-to-date tutorials? An update here would be great though, as I've always found Sparkfun's tutorials to be EXCELLENT.

    The new tutorial might not need to be as long either - the new Kicad really is much more straightforward :-)

  • hi Sparkfun moderators... it might be a good idea to either update this tutorial or put a note at the top that it's for an old version - it still rates VERY highly on many searches for Kicad.

    And to the users, if you haven't upgraded to Kicad 5 yet, give it a go. A lot of the weird counterintuitive clunky stuff is gone. Doing things like importing footprints or making your own is now MUCH easier!

  • When researching PCB design tips a few years ago I came across the saying "thou shalt always use thou." By trying to get into this habit we can avoid exactly this confusion.

    Regardless of whether you come from an imperial or metric background, the "milli-inch" unit is just wierd.

  • There's a new version of the Pi-top out, which (at last!) includes a 1920*1080 screen. [] Does Sparkfun have any plans to stock this new model?

  • When I migrated from Eagle to KiCad in 2013 I really missed those Sparkfun libraries - it's good to see them making a comeback for this excellent open-source package. Thanks for the excellent tutorial too!

  • I see that Elektor in Germany is selling an updated version with 1920*1080 resolution. Does Sparkfun have any plans to stock this?

  • To efficiently read two documents side by side I find that 1920 is the minimum horizontal resolution to do the job. I wear prescription glasses and have no trouble seeing individual pixels. When I use Windows, font scaling is turned off. (I would not be using windows on this device!)

    If this screen size/resolution works for other users, that's great. I'm merely providing feedback on why I'm not buying one and what it would take to make me buy one. I'm certainly not unique in this opinion:

  • That's a neat trick, but my goal is to take the pi-top on the road with me as very light laptop with great battery life. A bit like a DIY chromebook but still a "real" computer.

  • Thanks Chris, I might just do that. Thanks for the link!

  • If this ever gets updated with a 1920x1080 screen, I'm in.

    If anyone knows of a suitable HD screen that will fit in this, please let me know!

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