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  • Yes it is, you need to measure the current running through the burden resistor for the secondary side of the current sense transformer. That being said, you could probably configure the burden resistor network to give you an analog to digital converter friendly voltage, allowing a direct measurement.

  • rsp: Nate, you are going to have to cover your losses some other way than this. As Krogoth has pointed out, these are essentially counterfeit goods but are apparently not marked as such. So if you are going to sell them, AT LEAST permanently mark them as counterfeit first.
    I think the government has some rules about dis-positioning counterfeit goods...But, part of the beauty of these is that they are pretty darn good fakes, and that some of us would like to have one to show to our friends/bosses/co-workers. I'm torn...
    It would be cool if the fake was affixed to a clear piece of plastic next to a real 328, for comparison. I would definitely buy one something like that for a desk ornament/random interesting thing to have around....

  • PhysComp Hobbyist: Can any electrical engineer out there tell me if these load traces will actually handle 240v @ 15-30Amps like the relay that mounts to it?
    Unlikely. The 10A traces my roommate are using on our new LED sign/deathray are .25" wide, but we are going for a huge factor of safety. According the trace width calculator that Advanced Circuits (the board house we frequent), a 283 mil (.283") trace will take 10A assuming a 1 oz/sqft copper layer and 10 degrees C temp rise.
    Calculator is located here:

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