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  • I had some drama wiring this switch, but finally managed to get it all working. In this example I have it connected to Arduino 5V An example if you want to control the LED and check switch state:

    Connect positive terminal (+) to PIN 4 (OUPUT pin to switch the LED on/off). Connect negative terminal (-) to GND. Connect common (C) to 5V rail. Connect normally open to PIN 3 (INPUT for switch).

    CODE: const int SWITCH_LED = 4; const int SWITCH = 3;

    volatile boolean switch_state = LOW;

    void setup() { pinMode(SWITCH_LED, OUTPUT); pinMode(SWITCH, INPUT); digitalWrite(SWITCH_LED, LOW); }

    void loop() { if (digitalRead(SWITCH) == LOW) { digitalWrite(SWITCH_LED, LOW); } else { digitalWrite(SWITCH_LED, HIGH); } delay(10); }

  • "These buttons are rated up to 3A and 250VAC while the LED is rated for 5V." Can I use them with 5V Arduino even though they are 250VAC? Or do I have to specifically have to use DC rated buttons?

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