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  • Hello!

    I am trying to interface DHT22 with ATmega128RFa1 but having an issue. I am suspecting that the sensor is not responding to the MCU's request signal. After I send the request signal to the sensor, I wait for 10 ms for the sensor to detect the request. Then the sensor should respond driving the signal from low to high, right? I guess I am not getting this correct. Are there any other things that I should be considering besides timing?

    Any help would be appreiciated. Cheers!!

  • Hello!

    What is the default baud rate for GP-635T gps module?? The datasheet says it is 38400 but It seems like 9600 is the default baud rate. I tested with arduino uno. WIth 38400, I did not get the right characters. Only with 9600 I get the required result

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