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  • Disc brake rotors, skillet, bullet shells, bicycle forks, compressor tank or fittings,.

  • You can get 4 of these on one i2c bus if you use two from SparkFun and two from Adafruit. Sparkfun's addresses are 0x60 and 0x61. Adafruit's are 0x62 and 0x63. This makes me very happy.

  • I'd love to see a semi-decimal set of these too! 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 Ohms

  • @SparkFun Some suggestions for next time you order more of these for stock. I love this chip, but the PCB design renders this BOB nearly impossible to use.

    1. Pull the ground plane fill away from the screw holes. If I tighten a nut down on these, it grounds out on the fill copper because it's too close to the holes. Don't even fill on that side of the chip; just leave the PCB bare.
    2. Use smaller holes. It's only measuring up to 5A - we don't need #6 screws for that. Holes that accommodate a 3.5mm screw terminal would be optimum because we could solder in wires or a screw terminal.
    3. Add a couple holes for a .1 in header, like you did on the low-current version of the board. Except make sure they line up so it can go into a breadboard.
  • The sip and puff operations don't have to allow air flow to work. It can just be a closed-ended tube that senses pressure change. Plug the open end with an absorbent filter and you've eliminated a lot of the issues with moisture. Also the 'tube' (doesn't have to be a tube) could be completely sealed, with a small durable bladder of air and the user can gently bite to interact. Both could be used at the same time for different functions.

  • Well, fooey!

  • Is it better to create a wish list, or can I put them all in my shopping cart now and just check out on the sale day?

  • This board will handle 12V-to-5V or 5V-to-12V conversion. Just make sure the HV and LV are connected properly and you'll be good to go.

    This board will also work great for converting 3.3V or 5V PWM to 10V PWM for use with things like the the dimming control on MeanWell LED power supplies.

  • Why is this $35 more than the white one? https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10388

  • Judging by the batteries in the pic of the internals, it is the capacity of the batteries, not the 5V output. Those cylindrical cells are usually around 2200 mAH each.

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