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  • Whadayamean sorry New Zealand :) It'll be the perfect time (5am local), it mean's I'll have 3 hours of hitting the site before I have to even start thinking about getting ready to go to work, yippee...

  • Yeah on the surface you'd think a 1:1 xformer wouldn't raise the voltage much, I think this is based on the priciple that an energised coil can produce a very large reverse voltage spike when the voltage across the coil is removed suddenly (hence why sometimes you need a reverse protection diode across relay coils to suppress the spike produced by the reverse EMF). It is this spike that then induces an equivalently high voltage in the secondary , which I imagine is kind of redundant in this particular circuit, you could just use an inductor instead of the xformer and take the output from the D1/Q1 junction into the voltage doubler. I also have some doubts that the voltage doubler is correctly implemented, normally I would expect D2 removed, ground connection moved to D3/C4 junction and C4/C7 merged into just one cap, but hey, if it works, who am I to argue ... :)

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