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  • I feel this may be related to an issue I have... I'm getting several "single tap" detections at once. I tried to implement your solution mentioned above, however I don't think I'm getting it right. Could you please elaborate a bit more about your solution? Thanks

  • I noticed the values I'm reading off the "Example.ino" are not accurate. So I looked at the "Calibration.ino" patch while following the calibration section from the hookup guide. However they don't explain what the actual calibration consists of: Once I have the defined Offset and Gain values within "Calibration.ino" with the new calculations; now what?

    *Is "Calibration.ino" going to write these new values to the library? or,

    *Am I supposed to manually replace these values myself in the ".cpp" file? (if so where?) or,

    *Is "Example.ino" going to somehow read "Calibration.ino" and take the new values? or,

    *Am I supposed to place these new values within "Example.ino"? or,

    ... (Well, you see where I'm going?).

    Can someone please explain what I'm missing here?

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