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  • "First and foremost, we want to give back. We've had a stellar year in 2009, and it's all because of you"
    your welcome

  • As a customer and a supporter on various hardware forums, I have known about today for a while.
    I had my cart ready to go, I was up at 6:30 SF time,I was going to get this! But every time I tried to get on, the site did not time out, it did not give blank pages, all it did was flat out refused to connect, connection refused, server reset loop, for 3 hours.
    When I was able to get logged in, most of what I had in my cart was replaced with random items.Well by then the event balance was well over 70k so no chance in hell for me.
    Congrats on clearing out 100 grand of stuff right before tax season, and letting 40% of this event wind up on ebay.Also thanks for nothing, When we needed you, you opted to let every ebay leech and 1 time freebee hunter artificially inflate your numbers for 1 day.
    I will not be recommending or visiting SF any more, NOT! because "i didnt get my free swag" but it gave me more insight to the "little effort as possible to make a buck, from anyone dumb enough to let us" attitude that appears in most aspects of SF.
    From the questionable quality of the items, to the drag ass shipping response time.

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