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  • Is this a taut band or a pivoted movement? The info sheet doesn't say. (I'm asking because a pivoted movement can be repaired and adjusted, but a taut band type is garbage if the band breaks.)

  • As Taper mentioned, there should be a zero adjuster on the front panel. If it's still off after zeroing it, you may have to add external series or parallel adjustment resistors.

  • THis looks like its a Bulgin Buccaneer device. Check their website for mating connectors and RJ-45 type components. http://bulgin.co.uk/Products/Buccaneer/Buccaneer_USB.html

  • This is a diaphram pump, so reversing the motor won't reverse the airflow. I don't think reversing the motor to reverse the x-flow works on more than turbine or Tesla pumps.

  • I just put up some hanging baskets, is there an outdoor version in the works? (Tho' I could use up the left-over polyester resin and "pot" them. -G-)

  • OK, it's working now. The module I received had a faulty crystal. No clock, no increment. Who'd have thought? -G-

  • Nothing's incrementing.
    I can read from, and write to the RTC, but the time isn't incrementing. I've tried setting/clearing bit 7 of 0x00, running with/without ground and with/without 1K pull-up resisters. Still no action.
    I've tried the code from Combustory, as well as my own more abbreviated code.
    Heck! I even tried removing the B/U battery to reset everything to zero!
    Can anyone suggest something new to try?
    Victoria, BC

  • I think I using a sledge hammer approach for connection an Arduino Duemilanova to this display. So far, the only code I've gotten working looks like,

    Serial.print(0x7c, BYTE); // Command prefix

    Serial.print(0x00, BYTE); // Clear screen

    The clear screen, run demo, draw box/circle/line, and reverse screen work in this mode, but the code blocks get awfully large with two X/Y co-ords included. Is there a way to concatenate, or otherwise reduce the text length?
    Also, I can't get the display to change baud rate. It seems to be fixed at 115200. Sending 0x7c/0x07/n has no effect. Is 0x7c/0x07/0x02 the correct sequence for 9600 baud?