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  • Yes, but it says "The SM5100B is a miniature..." in the description of this product (the ADH8066), which is confusing.

  • It's the "ID" pin, used to identify which end of a USB On-the-Go connection is the host and which is the device.

  • What's the packaging type on these if you order a bunch of them?

  • That makes perfect sense, and now I can think of a couple times I've needed these! Thanks :)

  • What situation would you want a concave pogo pin for, as opposed to the pointed/round/chiseled? I'm sure there's a good use for them, I just can't think of it.

  • I tried out these footprints on a run of a new board, and just finished assembling a bunch of them. So much easier/faster! I've always done the "solder one pin, align, solder the rest, touch up the first" method in the past, but this makes it so much easier to get nice repeatable results. This board had a bunch of 2x3, 2x4, and 1x6 headers, and all came out really well.
    Certainly falls under the "why didn't someone think of that 10 years ago?" category :)
    Thanks Pete/SparkFun!

  • Camp Octarine will be out there with a blinkie beacon on top of our flagpole (at 6:00 & Florence) using 30 RGB LEDs, a solar panel, and other SparkFun goodness. :)

  • "surface resistivity of < 1 ohm/sq"
    square what?

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