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Born, been alive ever since.


BSECE from Boise State, but working as a Construction Management Engineer in Japan.


US Navy

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English, spanish

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C, Java


Boise State University


Not really any…


Making cool things.


  • Yep, I just designed a board that used that exact coin holder and we had the same problem of the holders popping off frequently. Learning from that, as we were hand soldering them, we just made sure that the solder mounded over coin cell holder tabs, and then we were good to go. It doesn’t look like (from the picture) that they’ve changed the manufacturing process to do that, so maybe you’ll want to go and throw more solder on there before sewing into the project. It’s not as pretty of a solder joint but hey… better than the holder popping off.

  • Nobody else thinks that these may be some of the best ideas ever? At least the evil one!?

  • The two links still go to the same PDF…

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