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  • News - New Product Friday: Getti… | about 2 years ago

    I see what you did there, Robert…

  • Product COM-10513 | about 3 years ago

    I say remove all safety labels from these, and all of these safety comments, and let nature take its course. It’ll be better in the long run for the gene pool.

  • Product SEN-09425 | about 3 years ago

    Isn’t that a 5V micro? This gyro emits an analogue voltage at a 3.3v logic level.

  • Product TOL-09450 | about 4 years ago

    This soldering iron is just simply gorgeous… Though, does anyone else have issues finding butane refill cans that have the appropriate adapter? My old butane iron fitted perfectly with the generic nozzle on most cans, but not even that works on this one. Whenever I’m refilling it I get more butane on myself than in the toy!

  • Product KIT-09484 | about 4 years ago

    Argh… I bought one of these but the instructions and parts lists I can find are all for a DIFFERENT model board… Now my scope doesn’t work and just makes an awful high-pitched whine when I turn it on!

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