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  • Will be great to see SparkFun at Maker Faire again.

  • I couldn't figure how to mount the Robotic Claw MkII to this (the instructions show the old MkI claw), so I designed a part for 3D printing. Files available on Thingiverse. /K

  • I couldn't figure how to mount this to the MkII Pan/Tilt bracket, so I designed a part for 3D printing. Files available on Thingiverse. /K

  • Same issue with the blue board as I had with the red. Counter jumper doesn't seem to work. But once mode changed via a program (see link on red or white board descriptions) it seems to work fine.

  • Had the same issue with my red version that was mentioned on the white version. I tried the solder jumper to put it into count mode, but that didn't work (all I got was 1234). Used the Arduino code Nate pointed to and just changed modes that way. Works fine now (but I wish the jumper had worked). /K

  • Just learned the hard way about the issue with Android devices (Nexus 7) and Windows 7 through some trial-and-error troubleshooting (one of Pournelle's laws - always check the cables). Came here to make a "heads up" post but see I was easily beaten to it. Mostly I use this for programming different Arduinos, and haven't had an issue. Certainly more handy than constantly switching out USB cables. So it's great for what it's great for, and I'll use a straight USB cable on those rare occasions where I want to move files to my Nexus and not just charge it. /K

  • Had the same problem myself. You have to use Serial1 for the Leonardo. See http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoLeonardo#toc6

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