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  • I had a similar problem when I bricked my module when updating the firmware. I found this solution though:

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    It is not so easy but there is a procedure to regain factory reset with IO toggling GPIO9 I did it on my RN-171-EK using the 2 buttons but I had to retry many times. You hold down the GPIO9 while pushing reset and then release reset. After waiting a little more than One second, you press (toggle GPIO9) and you do this several times (more than 5) . Repeat this 5 to 10 times and you should eventually see some message coming back at original speed (9600). I has a similar issue when playing with FW updates. I tried to go down from v4.41 to V4.00 and I blocked the module. It would not respond to any command . After several trials it eventually spitted out again some message at 9600 bauds

  • I wonder if the mounting tab is connected to the source or the drain? i.e. - is it hot?

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