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  • Will this be able to measure water levels? Does water reflect enough IR for it to work in this application? Also, is this safe to use in humid environments?

  • What makes you think I havent tried it? I've worked in HLS companies for the past 5 years, and am well aware of the various solutions on the market, as well as the history of companies that didn't make it. HLS is no where near "solved", and especially not by Vivado. The biggest strength of Vivado's HLS is integration with backend synthesis and the rest of the toolchain. Yah, thats a huge deal, and it will probably be the HLS of choice for plenty of people for that reason. But its not really an amazing HLS solution, its a decent one that cleanly integrates into the tool chain that most people use.

  • I wouldn't really call their solution as "solving" the problem of HLS. Vivado is useful, but there is a lot of research and improvements necessary before it can really be considered "solving" HLS. Many, many companies have tried tackling the problem of HLS. It is not a simple one.

  • Not to insult you, but if you think that VHDL and Verilog are good languages, then you don't know much about language design. They are terrible. The number of times I've tracked down a verilog bug to "oops accidentally misspelled a wire's name, why didn't I get warned about this instead of the synthesis just silently assuming I wanted a completely new wire?" really makes me mad. The verbosity of VHDL is practically legendary. I won't disagree that they aren't used heavily in the real world, but that is hardly evidence that they are good languages.

  • Nice material and a good fit - the hood is on the larger side, which I prefer, and there is quite a bit of length to the arms. A great hoodie for the price, and of course, that awesome design!

  • I'm guessing PresidentOfAwesomeness is referring to "linear taper".

  • Can you explain further what rules weren't being followed under the California law? Also, what jurisdiction do online contests even fall under?

  • That would be easily spoofed by a bot - human enters the initial captcha, then the bot takes over to refresh the page.

  • It happened the same way last year. People mindlessly refreshing pages equals lost productivity, at least this year it felt like we had a chance . . .

  • But not interested enough to learn to spell Arduino ;)

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