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  • Spark Fun, how about adding a real data sheet. One that has layout dimensions, and pin sizes. There is also and error on the provided data sheet. The current one provided has different pinout numbers. For instance the schematic has pin1 as VDD, yet the photo at the top show pin1 as DIN.

  • Thanks. Not sure how they would encapsulate them with the ribbon cable on one end and the USB on the other. Perhaps, they should have added just a bit more PCB on each side that would be slightly larger than say a 2-56 size hole. These sides would be scored so for people that want the smallest could just snap off the two sides.

  • Just curious... Why are there no mounting holes on the PCB? Whats the plan to keep it mounted? Such a good idea, but without being able to mount it, I think its a fail.

  • smol is a good idea, but it fails because there are no mounting holes. Even a 2-56 size hole would have helped. Not sure what the designers were thinking how they are to be held down. Duck tape?

  • Since you state: "We have an order limit of 5 per customer on this product. "
    Will you be selling this on Digi-Key or mouser? We would really like to get over this 5 piece limit.

  • Is there a BOM for this board? I would like to know the part# for the USBC (J1) connector.

  • Need clarification on the schematic for +3.3v Pins and Gnd pins. The schematic labels them as 2 * 2 & 1 * 7 respectively. That makes no sense as to what all the pins are.

  • Wow, that's some serious markup.

  • Wow, that's some serious markup.

  • They keep flying off the shelf faster that you can keep them in stock. Someone need to have a serious talk with purchasing there. If they keep going out of stock its time to order much larger batches at a time.

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