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  • Or you can buy from Mouser ½ the price.

  • I’d stay away from all things Intel. Intel Discontinues Joule, Galileo, And Edison Product Lines…

  • I cannot find one video of this unit making something. There is not even one from the manuf. website.

  • Why wouldn’t you make a board that brings all the hirose pins out.

  • A simple jumper for 3.3 , or 5v will take care of that. Much like the Arduino board has.

  • Hardly. I ordered it and chose next day, and received it next day. Then a week later i turned around and bought the Edison Arduino kit from them. 3 days later i received that as well. I choose to use my money wisely, if a popular company like them has the kits in stock and at a lower cost that is where I am going.

  • You can get them from cheaper, and they have them in stock.

  • Where is the schematic of this board at ?

  • I want you all to be forewarned at how cheap SFE has gotten is on shipping this IC. I ordered 4 of these along with 2 BOB-11684 boards. They arrived today in a tiny 5 x 4 x1.5 box. Each IC was in it’s own super thin bag. So thin that i could chew it and swallow without a problem. You cannot package a IC like this in just a bag, The leads will bend. To shove 4 IC’s 2 BOB & paper packing all into that little box is just flat out dumb. Now i have IC’s with bent pins. SFE, stop being so dam cheap. Invest in anti-static foam boxes like everyone else does. You’re not a company hurting for money, and you already charge far more to ship than most others, there is just no good excuse you can have do doing something as pitiful as this.

  • What is the cable pinout ?

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