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  • Product DEV-11868 | about 6 months ago

    What is the cable pinout ?

  • Product SEN-11792 | about 11 months ago

    FYI, versamodule dot com, has the C3 modules from ADH that are made specifically for 3.3v only. So the issue of running at lest 4.6v is not an issue anymore. If you need a true 3.3v module this is where i got mine and works great.

  • Product PRT-11856 | last year

    Do my eyes deceive me, did the price on this just drop from $17 and change to $13.95

  • Product PRT-11856 | last year

    just go to hobbyking, and click on Batteries & Accessories, then click the 2S selection. the links above are for a 2200mAh 50C for $11.84 and the 5000mAh for $18.19

  • Product PRT-11856 | last year

    Not a good deal at all. a 2200mAh 50C can be had here, from one of the best RC suppliers around .

    Then for a buck more you can double the capacity to 5000mAh

  • Product TOL-10605 | about a year ago

    This stuff is the worst i have ever used!!
    I have tired 6 different kinds and this stuff is so bad i am throwing it out, not even worth the jar it comes in. I am so glad i did not start out SMT sodering with this stuff. If i did i would have given up way to soon as i would have though i was doing something wrong.


  • Product GPS-10890 | about 2 years ago

    Can someone who has this and used it please give some feedback as to how well it works.

  • Product TOL-11219 | about 2 years ago

    Make a video of it in action so we can see it working.

  • Product COM-10440 | about 3 years ago

    Whos is the manuf ?
    the data sheets says it only works down to -10C.
    I would like to contact them and see what is the reason for -10 and not lower. If its just a matter that the led may not sustain its current brightness i can live with that.
    But if its a matter that it gets to brittle then that is a whole other story.

  • News - A Preview of the Quiz | about 3 years ago

    can 2 promo codes be used at checkout ?

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