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  • Since you state: "We have an order limit of 5 per customer on this product. "
    Will you be selling this on Digi-Key or mouser? We would really like to get over this 5 piece limit.

  • Is there a BOM for this board? I would like to know the part# for the USBC (J1) connector.

  • Need clarification on the schematic for +3.3v Pins and Gnd pins. The schematic labels them as 2 * 2 & 1 * 7 respectively. That makes no sense as to what all the pins are.

  • Wow, that's some serious markup.

  • Wow, that's some serious markup.

  • They keep flying off the shelf faster that you can keep them in stock. Someone need to have a serious talk with purchasing there. If they keep going out of stock its time to order much larger batches at a time.

  • What about heat sinks?

  • Thanks for the reply. I don't think this is 100% correct though. My supply does advertise 5/9/12/15 & 20V. I have verified that I can switch through the voltages by using This Product I bought.

    I also bought This product as well. With this one I can confirm you can change the voltage from the advertised. However, I was only able to adjust the voltage on a portable USB battery bank, and not with my USB wall wart. All I was able to do on the wall wart was switch between 5,9,12,15 & 20V.

    So either I am really missing it, or there are just hardly any USB wall warts following the USB PD 3.0 spec. The STUSB4500 data sheet says you can request other voltages. The USB PD 3.0 specification data sheet explains that you can request other voltages as well. Not to mention there are sites like this that say "the Sink can also make requests from USB PD programmable power supplies, providing any voltage from up to 4–21 V at 20 mV increments". link here

  • Though this board and its examples worked for me (sort of). My main goal was to be able to take advantage of selecting a power profile +5-20V/0-5A in 50mV/10mA increments. When trying this by using usb.setVoltage(3,7.0); It does not work. I am assuming that my USB wall wart does not follow the standard. Has anyone tried odd voltages and gotten them to work ? If so what USB wall ward were you using ?

  • I started to checkout, but when i got to the shipping prices... Holy cow, its messed up. Ok, so if i wanted to choose 3-11, that price is fair. But what a gap in time. 1-5, so i could pay more, but the 3-11 days falls within 1-5. makes no sense. 2 day is $21 & next is $28. Are those prices for the rich and famous only? For how much product you ship, you should really have a better strategy laid out.

    Next Business Day $28.96 2 Business Days $21.88 1-5 Business Days $13.36\ 3-11 Business Days $6.67

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