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  • I generally like stuff like this, but some tech has in my opinion a long way to go. Off the top of my head keys have a couple of advantages that I'm unwilling to forgo 1) they never ever run out of batteries b) if I fall in a pool or wash my keys they still work. 3) I have to drop a key from the 10th floor to do any harm to it, and even then I've got a good chance. Case in point I have two keys with the little lock/unlock buttons. One key works, the other got washed and doesn't. I dropped the 'bad' key yesterday and it bounced down the stairs then off the deck for a 4 meter fall onto the concrete. The 'key part' was unharmed. I've never had anything with batteries that could take that sort of abuse.
    That aside, this is still pretty damn cool.
    Good work outta you,

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