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  • Oh, quit crabbing about price! SparkFun is always coming out with new fun stuff that's good quality at a good price. They always try to incorporate our suggestions in revisions to products and are always ready to explain or help.
    How many tutorials do you see on those everythings-cheep sites? Do they EVER answer e-mails? Do they use quality parts or floor sweepings?
    Go ahead and take the chance of getting burned by saving a couple of bucks. I'll stick with SFE and know I'm getting quality material. Besides, they're nice folks.

  • RUN AWAY! Don't walk, RUN! Speaking as a just retired Director of Technology who has spent more time than I care to remember looking into and being trained in processes and process management, I can tell you it all looks great at the seminar, a.k.a. sales pitch, but once you get home you find out what reality is.
    I've followed Spark Fun for the last few years and I see a company with a great culture, happy, dedicated employees, good growth potential and a good outlook for the future. If you try to shoehorn your culture into a strict software framework of processes, I give you 36 months.
    There are many examples I could give of why you should not go down this road, but it's your company and you make the decisions. Whatever you do, be true to yourself, don't change what Spark Fun is.
    Good Luck

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