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  • I ordered a sweatshirt friday afternoon. It just arrived today and unfortunately there was no maker faire ticket inside. :( Fortunately there was a pretty rad sweatshirt :D Truth be told I probably wouldn’t have ordered one if I didn’t expect a ticket to be in there as well, and since the page was never updated saying there were no more tickets to be had it was a fair assumption on my part. Oh well.. guess I’ll buy one at the door.

  • GHIFEZSupport,
    I’ve watched the Getting Started videos and while having a “real” IDE behind it for autocompletes and debugging I really don’t get the “Freakin' Easy” sales pitch. Compared to working with something like the Arduino, the number of steps involved in turning on a simple onboard LED was astounding. I’m guessing that the “easy” bit comes in when working with more complicated projects but your 3 part video series to blink an LED is a huge turn off. Perhaps you just need to reshoot the video and not over-explain everything. The super slow talking and repetition of everything wasn’t making it easier to figure out, it made it just made excruciating to watch and caused me to be WAY less excited about this product.
    I’d also like to point out that calling people’s work here “hobby toys” really isn’t going to win you many friends in this community.

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