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  • Moar stuff is always good 8}

  • It would be good if the breakout connector was sold separately too, as I’ve had an NDS screen in my parts draw for about 5 years and it’s too small to connect to anything without that crucial part.

  • Hmmm…am I the only one to see that sign?

  • I bought this book last month, to get me started with my Arduino kit. What amazed me is how quickly the book gets into doing really interesting in-depth stuff, such as communicating with bluetooth modules. All in the space of a few chapters.
    I know virtually nothing about electronics, but am a programmer, and this book takes all the fear out of the electronics for me.
    I’ve been able to follow everything so far, without any hitches and the only thing holding me back is my lack of funds for purchasing new electronics gear.
    It’s a great book and if you’re a programmer and not an EE, you won’t regret buying it.

  • PSmith - that’s absolutely amazing how helpful you have been, and thanks for taking the time to answer so quickly as well.
    I have also seen an 8-pin AVR development board on this site too, which also looks useful. I might get that to have a permanently setup development environment and to leave my breadboard free of clutter.
    Once again, I can’t thank you enough for your help here.

  • Apologies for sounding like a noob, but can someone offer me a link on how to actually connect an 8-pin AVR, such as an attiny13 or 23 to this device? I understand that I’ll need a programming cable (such as product# DEV-09215).
    After that, I’m not sure how to connect the programmer+cable to the processor. Presumably, there’s a correspondence between the pins on the programmer and the processor but I don’t know what this is. Hardware setup tips for this would also be appreciated.
    Once again, I apologise as my background is programming an not electronics and I’ve found the documentation out there to be difficult to get what I need. I’m not just being lazy!
    Thanks in advance for any help received.

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