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  • I see Ambilight clones in the future...

  • You guys should add a white border around the text and flame in a future revision. I'd imagine this being stuck to a tinted window and maybe a few other applications would make it hard to see.

  • "We're just happy he put clothes on this time. OH GOD, now he's doing the robot!"

  • "After losing the animation rights to 'Mr. Bananagrabber,' GOB reveals his marshmallow-themed secret to the rest of the family..."

  • I think breadboard-friendly male termination (like the breadboard wires sold here) would be nice in this application.

  • Primary use and the likely reason these even exist is for physical control interfaces to virtual mixing consoles.
    You can see what is likely an entire row of these bad boys at the left-most, closest portion of the following image:
    They're used to ensure changes to virtual versions of the linear pots and the physical versions remain in sync. They'll also move during music playback if you have them automated in software to change.
    It's all pretty awesome. A week or two ago, SFE released a product that, when combined, get you almost the rest of a control surface: the ring-o-LEDs here. When you combine that with an rotary encoder, you get a knob who's value can be changed both physically and virtually.
    Looks like the curious geeks over at SFE got their hands on an (relatively) expensive control surface, took it apart (as they should have) and said "we need to offer all of this."

  • Any reason why there's a picture of the Danger Shield being used in the product pictures area? :P

  • Guess based on the Quarter vs. LED picture above:
    Quarter is 24.26 mm in diameter. From that pic, I'd guess maybe 3.5-4 LEDs covering the diamerter of the quarter. But, counting just the dome, I could see it getting closer to 5.
    Therefore, my guess, is that it's the dome width. But without a comprehensive datasheet, or a SparkFun customer/employee testimonial, who knows.
    Update: Looking at similar products, the width/length of the package may be 7.6mm, while the dome is 5mm. SPF Employee verify?

  • I'm not sure, but I would assume that it cannot.

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