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  • I am new to arduino wifi. I bought this module and planned to integrate it with the weather shield. However, I realized it has the original non R3 layout! I cannot put the weather shield on top of the wifely shield! Unless I cut the legs of the additional two legs on the weather shield R3 layout. But doesn't that defeat the purpose of shields if I want to put something more in between?

    Why is the wifi shield esp8266 only $14 dollars while it has R3 layout and can connect to wireless n? While this $69 wifly shield does not? I am new to wireless connectivity so please correct me as logic tells me I may not be correct here.

  • Good time to learn how to add analog pins to the Arduino. I want to add an UV sensor too!

  • There's a bug on Line 166. Refer to my post above for the fix. Cheers.

  • There's a bug in the Example Code WITH GPS. Any Windspeed > 0 would be reported as "nan".

    Code Line 166: float currentSpeed = get_wind_speed(); Should be: float currentSpeed = windspeedmph;

    Then it should report the proper windspeed.

  • Does this work with the Weather shield? What's the difference between this module and the GP-645T GPS Module?

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