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  • So, it may become more profitable to sell products manufactured by the actual patent holder with real quality control than to buy products manufactured from a country that sends a big 4Q to everybody who spends time and money on R&D? And the $4 knockoff part from intellectual theft might now cost $7 from the patent holder?

  • Chinese products are cheaper, but if you compare them to the more expensive American or European products, you will notice that they are not better. They use lesser quality materials and lower quality control. They do not respect patent or copyright laws and therefore, do not spend time or other resources on R&D. They may indeed be able to make a knockoff part for less than the person who spent months or years and thousands of dollars developing the part and by ignoring the patent are able to sell it for less. Essentially stealing intellectual property. There is nothing moral about buying stolen property. I do agree that tariffs are not good for the consumer. Intellectual theft stifles innovation which is also not good. Rather than tariffs, an absolute ban on anything that is copyright or patent theft would help the consumer most. Look at the dollar amounts attributed to tariffs compared to intellectual theft.

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