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  • Kudos and thanks to Sparkfun for this initiative in the first place. I think it shows great support and encouragement for the DIY/Maker movement. Congratulations to those who won.

    But, having stayed up all night (I’m in Australia) to participate, I could not get one of the many hundreds of captcha’s that I received to work. So far, every free day has been a frustrating exercise in futility. There’s always been some technical drama on Sparkfun’s end preventing me from participating.

    My sleep is worth more that $100usd (especially since the USD is in the pooper right now :-)

  • Three cheers for Sparkfun.
    Don’t listen to the sore losers.
    I wonder and hope if some of the charity funds can go to the Australian Flood Relief effort.

  • Anyone know how hot this runs when it is providing 300ma ?

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