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  • I keep seeing the memory referred to as "96k RAM". This seems to imply, that even after a SNAPpy script it uploaded, it is not saved in persistant FLASH storage.

    Is this true?

    If so, what the heck is all of the FLASH memory being used for?

  • Sorry about that, but part of the fun was riding with people who were unaware of the hack, and watching their WTF? turn into FTW! A video camera would have given it away.

    I find this response to have an unacceptable level of, "just didn't feel like doin' it". :-)

    Seriously...whip out your cell phone, and just take a crude little video to give us the gist of what's going on. No visible, fixed cameras required.

    We're all DIYers/hackers/makers/family here, everything doesn't need to be in perfectly lighted, edited, 1080p resolution, video.

  • Ok.

    I was worried that there was a whole SparkFun Secret Society that operates much like the Free(day) Masons, or (LED) Illuminati.

  • We will allow people to try for the prize as many times as they'd like...[snip]

    Did I miss a post where the actual action of "we will allow people to try" was explained?

  • But, but, but...
    Ah screw it, I didn't notice that at first. I stand corrected.

  • This comment needs to have a large font and something flashing around it.
    Notwithstanding all of the usual dangers of AC mains voltages, at the very minimum, do not connect this to whatever you're using to control it directly. Always, always, always, use an opto-isolator to protect your DC circuitry from a mains voltage. Did I mention to always use an opto-isolator?
    I was actually interested in giving this thing a try, but the relay has a zero crossing detector circuit, so no dimming.

  • Liking the new products, but (you knew it was coming), I would have liked to see the WS2801 breakout have solder header access to the RGB outputs.
    In its current format, I'm going to have to heat gun the LED off to use it on some "standard" RGB strips* I have. Not a huge deal, but would have been nice to have some 0.1" taps on the outputs.
    *-Will use it to drive MOSFETs

  • Why are there two unpopulated capacitor footprints?
    I was unable to deduce from the skee-matic.

  • I would have loved to use one of these for an AC light dimmer, but alas, it is not meant to be.
    If these start selling pretty well, would there be any chance of stocking the version without the zero cross detector?

  • Guilty.
    As I was reading the post, I just keep asking myself, "what's he using the accelerometer for?"

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