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  • No, it's working fine now. If you look at the pro 328 page it tells you to select duemilanove as the board in the arduino ide, I had been picking pro. All is well.

  • My fault. I had picked 'arduino pro' as the board instead of 'duemilanove'.

  • I'll see if I can get any other code to run on it first.

  • It looks like my arduino pro is hosed. It works when I use a duemilanove.
    It doesn't give me any errors when I upload to the board though.
    Sparkfun did send my arduino pro in the same box as their speaker, which has a big magnet in it. That didn't damage the arduino, did it?

  • I seem to be having some issues with the sample code. My voice shield gives a 'ready' when it powers on, but when I load the code up it gives a couple of the phoenemes in 'all your base' but most of the words are replaced with random sound fx like the 'ping' sfx. Are the codes in the sample out of date?
    This is stacked on an arduino pro 328.

  • This seems like it would be perfect for making environmental controls for a vivarium/terrarium.. (temp and humidity sensors, light and mister controls).

  • Has anyone connected one of these to an arduino yet? any notes?

  • this is an awesome little component, but I think I really need a breakout board to use it correctly now that I get my hands on it. Hope it's finished soon.

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