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  • I was looking forward to taking the quiz. I never made it to the first question so I got neither my $10 credit nor was able to get any quiz points... You would think I would still get the $10 carry over but I guess I would need to click pass on each question.

  • I found the correct spec sheet with the correct dimensions. http://www.cndongya.com/en/JZC-11F/61.html
    Going to try to modify the part to match these dimensions.
    I'm making a relay board with 10 of these so it's kinda important that everything lines up.
    Sparkfun, you dont have that many parts... can you double check your datasheets before posting them and making eagle parts?

  • Has this been fixed? I just ordered 10 of these and I am hoping the SF library is updated...

  • They wanted to give away a bunch of free stuff, they wanted to test there new servers, I would say Free day was a success in that regard.
    They could have done a few things better though. Off the top of my head, maybe instead offer everyone $20 off orders of $100 or more... This encourages REAL customers to get a discount and allows more people to benefit.
    As others suggested, offer this free day only to people who have accounts created prior to a specific date. It would be interesting to see how many accounts were created in the last few days. Again, I thought the idea was to reward existing customers who could not afford/wanted free stuff.
    I think in general SF should have done something to make Free Day less 100% free. 50% off orders > $50, discounted items, specific bundles offered at a special price, etc etc etc. This way the people who would normally be buying from SF or who want to get started in electronics or want to get a project going can benefit and those who just want $100 of free stuff just because its free will pass on this offer.

  • I have spent about $500 at sparkfun over the last year and saw this as an opportunity to get something nice I might not want to shell out the money for.... like that nice $99 digital soldering iron to replace my Radio Crap one.
    I am on a pretty fast internet connection at work on the East Coast. 47Mb/s!!! Just tested it again this morning. I was able to access the SF web site some of the time but I encountered the same errors of trying to check out and the web site not responding and having to reload the page and try clicking the button again. After over an hour I gave up and went to lunch (12EST) when I came back the site was working fine as Free Day was over
    I did not get my order through and thats OK. But I do have some thoughts on the Free Day...
    First of all, there are those out there complaining they did not get anything and they are upset... even one guy says he was hoping to get stuff on free day so he could build something, sell it, and pay the rent. I am fairly certain that free day was not designed so that SF could feed the homeless or donate to charity. They spelled out exactly what it was for.

  • This is really a must with the ID-12/ID-20 readers. You can solder in some headers and easily plug in to a bread board. I think I would also add this to a final design to make replacing the reader easy with some pin headers.

  • These work great with the ID-20 reader and give 8cm of reading range! Any key fob with the same spec's (lots on ebay) will read just the same.
    These are the thin cards, just like credit card thickness. Looks like you could print on them if you had a big fancy card printer. Reads fine even through a wallet.

  • I got these because I thought I might find them useful and because they were cheap. They are quite precise and I found my self using them to pick up all sorts of parts out of part bins, bread board wires etc etc. Also good to get some of the tiny breadboard wires loose.

  • I thought this would work great for tweaking small POT's and screw terminals. It's just slightly too big to do either :-/

  • Metal, much better than the radio shack special.

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