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  • This tutorial references a potentiometer, however I don't see one on the board (or in the photos) and it's V13. Am I missing it somehow?

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    Found it, white rectangularish thing in lower left corner - hadn't seen one like this.

  • This was helpful. For my data storing needs (data from the Bloominglabs hackerspace in Bloomington, IN), I started with Pachube...which was renamed to Cosm...which was renamed to Xively. Then it got progressively more convoluted and 'Enterprisey'. Finally I got an email telling me they were kicking off all the small-time people like me, long after I stopped caring.

    I also used a thing called 'beebotte' for a while. It's reasonably nice, but I am going to give some other things a whirl, probably Thingspeak and then maybe Blynk as well.

  • The Smart Basic could add hours back to your life! Well, save you time and hassle anyway.

  • This is very cool. I am curious to know a bit more about the dispensing mechanism. I wanted to do something similar but I eventually gave up and hacked one of those automatic candy dispensing machines to do my work for me. One thing specifically I'm curious about is going from the circular motion of the servo to the linear motion of the pusher thingy.

  • There's always the trick of looking at it with a digital camera. IR light shows up on a digital camera.

  • I used the ITP tutorial for wiring up a breadboard Arduino ( and I get behavior where it blinks once, but then pauses and blinks more and more rapidly, and then stops. I am going to wire up the FT232 breakout board next, but was a bit puzzled by the behavior at this checkpoint - is this the preloaded program or is the preloader program the plain old blink, and something getting wacked with the timing?

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