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Evil J

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Software developer by day, hardware hacker by night, pyrotechnician whenever I want to have fun.

  • I am a professional pyrotechnician and when I first read they were amateurs I got really nervous. Lots of people get a hold of our professional stuff and hurt themselves every year... even the professionals get hurt. But I was relieved to see they are keeping it all 1.4g consumer stuff. Good for them! I'd love to go see their show but I'm usually busy that time of the year!

    While I somewhat agree with the other comment below that WiFi is sub-optimal for this type of application, it is readily available and likely good enough for their system. I would never use it on a professional show but their show isn't working with our bigger 1.3g shells. Our wireless systems are typically mesh systems with supervisory control and can be pretty pricey. Their home brew system seems to meet their needs and the fact they keep the crew back with safety as a top priority is the most important thing. Props to them!

    The specifics of their system isn't covered and I'm curious how their firing system runs cues. Do they download the cue list into the firing modules or does the controller send out a module and channel for each cue? (If anyone from the team reads this feel free to reply back!) The fact they have a master arm on each module is a good sign that they have done their research and understand how their system needs to work to operate safely.

    Much respect to the team and I hope they keep putting on a safe show for their community for many years to come!

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