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  • Hi. Im having hang issues. I use the WiflyHQ library to take measurements from an arduino UNO every 30 minutes and post them to a webserver wirelessly. Hitting the reset button works in that it resets the module enough that it data posting works again, but unfortunately reboot() function that sends the reboot\r command doesnt have the same effect as the hardware reset button. Have you had any luck resetting the module from code?

  • So can anyone tell me how to test the camera in any other way that requires a direct connection via a serial-usb cable? I need to know if this camera is working or not and because the evaluation software is only available for Windows, Im unable to use it.

  • I have this camera and I must say its been really difficult to getting anything working since I got it 1 month ago. Ive been posting like crazy with sketches from linksprite as well as from sparkfun and roboticControls etc. Linksprite doesnt really handle support well in their forums. I still have not been able to even determine if the camera is working properly or not.

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