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  • Pin connections:
    SDA to pin 4 on the analog header
    SCL to pin 5 on the analog header
    VCC to 5v
    GND to GND
    I/O pins need pull up resistors to VCC.
    Board has A0-A2 with solder pads like (|). connect middle to left (power) for a 1, or right (gnd) for a 0. (see picture shown above)
    setting the pins:
    Wire.send(b); // byte for pins 0-7
    Wire.send(b); // byte for pins 8-15
    Wire.endTransmission(); // stop transmitting
    The board supports id 0-7. Add 32 (0x20) to the id and pass that to beginTransmission. My device id was 0 and I passed 32 to beginTransmission
    you have to send an even # of bytes. first is the lower 8 I/O pins. second is for the higher 8 I/O pins.
    read is similar. here's quick code
    Wire.requestFrom(32, 2); // 2 bytes from device 0
    char c = Wire.receive();
    Serial.print(c, HEX); // print the character
    Serial.print(", ");
    you need to first write 1 to pins you would interested in reading from.

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