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  • I'm using this tracker in my car and works great! A few things:

    • I was able to directly solder a coin cell holder to the VBAT hole and the antenna ground on the back side of the board to give it hot start capability.

    • A simple 4 pin to 6 pin converter patch cable was all that I needed build to connect it to my sparkfun FTDI usb board to download the data.

    • I haven't had any trouble with the GPS Viewer App. Super useful.

    • Only complaint is that it should not be advertised as works with "any 3.5 - 16V supply". The surface mount linear regulator on the board overheated when connected to 13V auto power and cut out repeatedly. Luckily I was able to find 5V power line in my dashboard.

  • Agree with jakkjakk. Microsoft has a lot more to lose in a countersuit if you have patented IP that they are violating. You'll settle and survive one way or another. This is proven.

    Patents are a necessity for any small biz going up against a more aggressive competitor. Not patenting your core IP is leaving yourself dangerously open to getting wiped out.

    Doesn't change you mindset about innovation, its just the cost of doing business.

  • Kodak's downfall wasn't about IP licensing. Bulk of their revenue was from direct sale of film and camera whose decline was surely obvious to them. Kodak's end was inability for the company to reinvent itself when world moved away from film and more recently digital cameras. Counterexample is Fugifilm who did survive the transition by reinvent. A good summary by the Economist: http://www.economist.com/node/21542796.

    Its unfortunate what has become of patents but they are not going away anytime soon, so it is how the game is played. In the game of sue/countersue, patents are required protection to stay alive in business against an aggressive larger competitor.

  • Inspiring engineering. Amazing what you guys fit into a SD card!

  • Cool hw packed into an SD form factor. But how "hackable" is it. Can I wipe the existing software on the IMP and flash my own ARM code?

  • Excellent! Simple hack and doesn't require a modified avrdude. Look forward to giving it a try when I get one of these boards.

  • Assuming one can jump to the bootloader at anypoint in user code, feels like you should be able to usurp one of the AVR USB reset interrupts to jump to bootloader. ... and figure out how to trigger the interrupt from a modified avrdude. I'll first have to buy this avr. :)

  • Pushing the reset button to reprogram is a bummer. What I like about the old Arduino Pro was the use of the extra serial line to pull down reset. This means I could tweak my code, compile, upload and re-start the AVR without ever having to touch my physical setup, ie. "make all" fire and forget reprogramming. Particularly useful when the AVR is buried in some physical enclosure.

    Is there some way to add something to my project code, tweak the USB on the AVR, or modify avrdude somehow to give me back fire and forget reprogramming?

  • Having a heck of a time getting the code to work on this board. Once the interrupts are enabled, the board locks up. Hacked around by implementing a cheesy delay_us() function and commenting out the interrupt enable, but has anyone gotten the code to compile and run successfully with this new design?

  • What is that tune?

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