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  • BlinkM's PWM rate is 120Hz. You will probably see artifacts unless you can control your shutter speed.

  • With the factory firmware, LinkM shows up as a USB HID device with 16-byte report packet size. Since USB HID places a limit on the report update rate of 50Hz (I think), this puts an upper limit on the throughput.
    However, the LinkM firmware is completely open source, based on the V-USB project. And LinkM has a USB bootloader on-board, and corresponding host-side command-line tool based on V-USB's BootloadHID. So updating the LinkM firmware with your own for higher throughput is very possible.

  • Note: this is just a USB-to-serial adapter meant for use with the Arduino Stamp. If you want a full Arduino board, consider the 'Arduino USB Board', SKU#: DEV-00666.

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