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  • Why is the card detect pin grounded on the footprint for this part?

    EDIT: never mind. I completely misread something. Ignore my question.

  • Thanks!! So if I have some previous boards designed with the old Pro Mini part will they get messed up if I replace the library with the new one since the new Pro Mini part has additional pins?

  • Has this been updated? I think I have the newest version of the library but it doesn't look like they've been added.

  • Everything was going great with this kit until it came time to reflow. I'm using the Heaterizer and can't get the dang paste to reflow. I must have helt that heat gun over the board for 30 minutes and nothing happened. I'm wondering if it could be the solder paste that somehow has gone bad or the heat gun isn't giving enough heat? It looks like two of the small components soldered but nothing else wants to cooperate.

  • Can this screen stream live video from a camera and overlay buttons over or around the video? If not, can someone recommend a touchscreen that can?

  • I'm trying to do the same thing and am having a hard time finding the inductor listed in the datasheet. Anyone have a link to where this part is available? I haven't been able to find an exact equivalent part at any of the major suppliers either.

  • Is this the correct size to fit the Arduino Pro Mini?

  • The schematic for this and the 3.3V version are identical. What actually differentiates the output voltage? I have the 5V version and was wondering what I'd have to change on it to get it to output 3.3V?

  • Is this circuitry already built into the STA540 amplifier kit or do I need to add it between the MP3 shield and that amplifier kit you sell?

  • I'd love to see a breakout board and some tutorials using this chip.

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