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  • Here's the link to that code: https://github.com/garmin/LIDARLite_Arduino_Library/tree/master/examples/v3HP/v3HP_MONITOR

  • According to Garmin support, the "v3HP_MONITOR" Arduino sketch on their GitHub page is the tested code and wiring configuration for full-speed operation. If you can't break 500Hz with this code (I couldn't on 3 different units) I would recommend reaching out to Garmin Support. They're working on a plan to replace our units, as it sounds as if the device firmware (which users can't reprogram) is incorrect on some units.

  • Hi @SWDUDE! I am currently struggling to get this sensor to break the 450Hz mark with no luck. Would you be able to share your configuration and some sample code? Thanks!

  • If anyone wants a quick Arduino code grab that follows the Hack-a-day tutorial, I posted one here: http://jondontdoit.blogspot.ca/2012/08/using-ds1077-programmable-oscillator.html

  • I posted a quick tutorial on how I got my Bluetooth Mate working with an Arduino Pro Mini:
    Hopefully it helps some people out.

  • Has anyone got one of these units up and running properly? All I can do is pair it. I've tried it with my Arduino Pro Mini, Arduino Diecimila, and with Windows XP, Windows 7, and on a mac. No luck getting it to do anything but blink its red light. I've run out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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