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  • Nice experiment!
    BTW, the 65,536 row limit you mentioned is only on Excel 2003 and older. All of the versions after that will support 1,048,576 rows. Well over what you needed for this project, and you will get much nicer charts! :)

  • Looking at their bandwidth chart I think they simply ran out of ISP bandwidth.
    I am not sure what the ISP does when it is getting more bandwidth then will fit down the pipe. It may just drop the packets altogether. That would make sense for those timeouts, as the server probably never even saw the request. That would also explain why the guys that hit F5 constantly had better luck, because some of the request must have finally made it through.

  • Wow, I am amazed at these naysayers! I fully commend SparkFun for this great event.
    YES, I am a previous SparkFun customer, and NO I was not able to complete an order of free stuff. But thats Okay!! Any time that I invested was by my own choice, knowing full well that I may not get an order. Nobody made me do anything.
    For those that think it should have been run differently, how about you give away 100k of free stuff to show us how its done? :)
    Thank you for the chance Spark Fun!!!

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