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  • Are there any differences between the SPI implementation on this board, the last RedBoard, and the UNO? Has any one tried this board with a Nordic nRF24L01+ based ISM transceiver interfaced via SPI? I have 2 UNO's communicating successfully using the RF24 library from with Addicore nRF24L01+ modules. My RedBoard (previous revision) will not play with either of the UNO's using the Nordic modules. I borrowed a buddy's Redboard (also previous revision) and it would not play either. Using the GettingStarted sketch from the RF24 library, the radio would return valid status. It would generate valid traffic (received by an UNO) when in TX mode. It failed to receive ping responses in TX mode as well as failing to see pings when in RX mode. I tested this with both the ISP headers and pins 10 - 13, on all 4 boards.

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