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  • I used a multimeter to see if the regulator still worked; and it did, outputting a steady 3.3V. You gave me a little hope, but providing 3.3V to the power pin didn't work. Should I try something else, or just wait until Sparkfun makes that board again ?

  • Did you try the RESET command ? Does it work? It should tell you the version of the software, at least. You could start from that.

  • As I wanted to avoid using a voltage regulator in my project, I tried to push the embedded voltage regulator to its limits. As seen in the schematics, the board uses a MIC5219 from Maxim to get 3.3V. I found its datasheet, which tells us that the maximum input voltage is 12V. Bingo ! Alas, the board couldn't take more than 9V from the VCC (V_FTDI) and stopped working immediately, but worked fine again when fed acceptable voltage. My greatest mistake would have been trying one last time with another 12V power supply; since then, the board is dead :(

    Could you tell me why, knowing that theorically the 12V should have been converted to 3.3V ? Maybe something else broke ? If anyone has a clue, just let me know !


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