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  • Sparkfun, I can go on ebay right now and find new TI brand NE555P chips, (2$ / 50 chips) + $2 shipping and combined shipping discount for multiple orders, with quantity discounts available, buying direct from China, no middleman. Approaching 4 cents / chip, if you want to argue that you get more value for your money by using a microcontroller instead, the Chinese beg to differ.

    If a project legitimately necessitates a microcontroller - fine. If you are suggesting for the sake of simplicity to substitute a microcontroller for a NE555 - no that is a joke, you are just shilling your products on your customers.

    Also, when you suggest that a microcontroller should be used instead of NE555 for simplicity: "Of course, if you put any kind of value on your time and frustration, this is a pretty expensive solution. You’ve got to do all the math I spelled out..." This is just insulting to your customer base and betrays everything that "making" and DIY is supposed to be about. Shaking my head Sparkfun....

  • I mean yeah sure, people need to follow comment guidelines.

    But Sparkfun, don't forget, you invite this by consistently making politicized blog posts on a commerce site. It's as though sparkfun hates its own customers.

    Could sparkfun please, please stop doing this!! I come to this site to look for parts and for ideas and it's like I am constantly lectured to. Especially these past few years, it's as though sparkfun is actively trying to drive away a significant portion of its customer base. I come here (or to the sparkfun youtube page) and I'm lectured all about feminism, feminism's role in tech, how there's a lack of women in tech, how we need to increase diversity in tech - Sparkfun, stop bringing identity politics into tech! Stop with politics!! Just stop!

    If you need to make a blog post, why not put more effort into making it a project post? This gives you an opportunity to showcase your products and it gives us customers ideas for projects of our own. This would benefit all of us. Or use the blog to keep us updated on what Sparkfun has planned (such as avc for example) without degenerating into the identity politics.

    Sparkfun you have very bad karma about you right now, if you keep it up you're going to lose business :(

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