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  • Thanks! It's pretty obvious once you know it's there, but a little hard to spot if you don't.

    For anyone else, the black tab on the back of the connector rotates. When it's pointed up (90 degree angle with the PCB/connector), the connector is open. Rotate it down so that it's parallel to the PCB and it locks.

  • The ribbon cable seems loose on the connector. There's no real fit to it, it just falls out. Is this to be expected? If so, what solutions are others using? Hot glue?

  • I'm confused. The MegaShield is extended all the way over the usb connector, apparently to provide a few extra empty holes. But the USB connector is significantly higher than the female headers on the Mega. As it is, if I put the shield on top of the Mega there will be a gap between the shield and the headers on the Mega. This dramatically increases the chance of a wire clipping causing a short or pressure on the board causing something to snap.

    This seems like a terrible design decision given that removing 4 rows of blank holes would eliminate this issue. Has anyone tried cutting off the last 4 rows of holes (which would also remove the LEDs, but I assume they are non essential) to allow the board to sit flat?

  • Are the connections from the Arduino Mega brought out to PCB holes? In other words, if I need to connect, for example, a digital input to a spot in the protoboard, can I just run a wire from one PCB hole to another or do I have to have a wire coming from the female header?
    Also, will I have any issues using this with another shield on top?

  • I would love to know the answer to this as well. It sounds like you can, but I'm not sure.

  • Thanks!

  • This is probably a dumb question, but does this breakout board and other Sparkfun breakouts include the chips (in this case the LIS302DL) or do you have to buy that separately?

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