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  • My mistake, I just quickly glanced at the minimum power output. The maximum is 44A. So essentially, if paired directly together, the 12V inverter would only consume the maximum amps required to run? Or will I have to limit the current?

  • Would it be possible to use this inverter with a 12v (4-Pin) Molex connector from a computer power supply? The PSU says the output of the +12v molex supplies up to 0.6 A, and considering that this runs between 0.4 A and 0.75 A, this should be ok?

  • Where does sparkfun make these custom enclosures? they used to have a link on the right had side under "Resources" but it's no longer there.

  • SlashAndBurn: The 3.0 software allows for communication through the dock connector & bluetooth, but you have to sign an agreement with apple, pay a lot, and have the device "certified" and labeled. I really wanted to control my lego nxt bricks over Bluetooth, but I can't get access with the official SDK.
    You've been tinkering with getting that to work too? interesting.. have you made any headway?

  • Can someone PLEASE explain what all this LilyPad stuff is? Why would you want to wear circuit boards... Any circuit board is washable too..

  • Bad quality, cheap Chinese product. One of the jacks stopped working after just 45 minutes.

  • Just for anyone else who had some trouble seeing this, there are actually 2 sets of 15 pins, easy to solder to also.

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