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EE who remembers DTL made the first computers in space

  • A suggestion and a question: * If there is a board spin in the works wonder if an optional level shifter could be added to the RX input? Goal would be to allow a 3.3V processor (Particle Photon etc.) to drive a 5V LCD. I realize there are 3.3V LCDs available but the one I want to use is not available as 3.3V. * What is the difference in the 16x2 and 20x4 firmware? Haven’t done a line by line comparison but it looks like either version could be used although 20x4 has an newer date.

  • Version 6 Documentation was posted yesterday at http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoEthernetShield

  • This product shaould come with a WARNING that the version pictured and currently shipping (as of the date of this post) has NO DOCUMENTATION. For an “open sourced” product released in late February 2011 thsi is outrageous. 10 days ago a member of the “Arduino team” posted in anothere forum that docs would be updates “ASAP”, meanwhile SparkFun and others are selling this product knowing full well you have no documents.

  • Still looking for schematic and docs on product that shipped two weeks ago. Newer than picture shown and V5 schematic posted.
    Acording to Arduino.cc manufacturer is Smart Projects, but they don’t have docs posted either.

  • Updated, Updated Version?
    Aparently a batch came in and went out this week, but the one I got looks notning like the product picture above. Also, parts are obviously not same as eiter V1 or V5 schematic.
    Arduino Forum has no information but a couple of posts on the issue:
    Aparently it works, but I would like to get a schematic.

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