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  • @dragonfli - I knew this would happen angers me so much!! Its such an incredible shame that people would greedily take what is free only to sell it to make a few bucks. I went through the trouble of organizing parts lists for each member of my schools robotics club, arranged for them to leave class early so they could make their order and disrupted another class (who's teacher is our clubs supervisor)...but all for nothing. long story short...none of us were able to order...the checkout page kept timing out... =(
    Perhaps the solution Sparkfun is looking for is to offer their products at a discount...but not just to anyone. School robotics clubs (like mine) and DIYers (like me) could send in requests specifically detailing what they are attempting to build, why they are building it, their motivation etc. And perhaps receive a certain % discount off their total order...I mean it is Supporting Creativity, Education, and self-motivated learning...

  • This is great! I have been anticipating this day for a while now. Comes in handy to a broke highschool student who love building robots! The members of the robotics club at my school could really use $100 to build some nice Arduino based wall or line following robots!

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