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  • Just a thought here - I believe one must first upload the sketch and THEN connect the MPR121 breakout to the Arduino. This is in case there is another sketch already running, which might be using the I2C pins as regular outputs. If so, it will damage the MPR121 with 5V on the I2C lines !

    Of course, also make sure your sketch does not use the I2C lines as I/O by oversight.

  • Hi I'm curious about one thing. The RXD is directly connected to the Ras. Pi. Is this good ? The MAX481 chip is powered by 5V, so won't RXD have 5V when logic 1 ? The Ras.Pi Ports are only 3.3V tolerant. How does this work without damaging the RXD GPIO of the Ras.Pi ?

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