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  • As mentioned in the post, XBee used to be a problem, but these days there is almost no reason I need Windows for my project needs. The one tool I still use on Windows is the AD4 utility linked to in the Audio-Sound Breakout. I tried finding decent documentation on the format, and was going to create a command-line Mac tool, but didn't turn up anything solid. If anybody has a Mac solution, please let me know!

  • Confirmed - no shielding, but they are cheap and the they work. I cut mine into two parts to make custom smartphone speakers for gifts. The three wires inside are red and white for audio channels, and a yellow for common ground.

  • If you are looking for screws to mount this to your project, I found that 2-56 steel machine screws/nuts from your local Radio Shack (or what have you) work great.

  • Any tips on hacking a power switch into the existing board? It looks like the power comes straight off the battery holder into the PCB, which forwards it onto the rest of the unit. Maybe bend the battery holder connectors outward, and then wire from there to the open holes, and wire in a switch back to the Vin/out holes on the in front of the battery? Or perhaps wire a switch into the Arduino and check for state in software before going into drive mode?

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