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  • Nice! IMO, the best setup of this type of prank is where it triggers off of an action of the person, whether it be them hitting a certain key on their keyboard, touching their screwdriver to something, or simply leaning back in their chair (think image processing...)

  • +1 to that

  • Ah, that makes sense.

  • Does anyone know how this compares to the Hakko FX888D, having used both of them? I have to say I like the smooth look of my Hakko station better... but I know Weller has a pretty good name in the industry.

  • Anybody else wish Sparkfun would sell a red version of these to go with their new BlackBoards?

  • Yipes!! That DC barrel jack is soldered on pretty crooked in the product picture...

  • I was going to request the same thing. This cable is seriously awesome, but it would be even better if it had a USB C pigtail and perhaps even a female USB port to plug in whatever other weird cable you need.

  • Awesome! I'm glad to see that Sparkfun is carrying Particle's new lineup of Mesh boards in both the kit, and the board only.

  • Nice! Too bad Ben Franklin didn't have one of these back in his day.

  • I believe Particle's data plan includes 3 MB of data per month, not 1 as the product description states. It's $3/month after the free first 3 months. I'm still on my first month, but it looks like I get 3MB monthly for my SIM card.

    The Electron is great, but when carriers sunset 3G networks in the near future, it may lose its value. I would love to see Sparkfun start carrying Particle's new Mesh boards, which include an LTE cellular gateway called Boron.