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  • You know, it would have been really nice if Sparkfun would wait on the whole machine learning contest thing until they actually support BLE on the Artemis. A lot of my project ideas would be a lot better with a mobile app interface!

  • Well, I’m sure there’s some way they can change it at the factory. There’s a F and a C light on the display...

  • Yup, I'm a Gen Z but for some reason I'm never happy with spell checkers or Grammarly and like to do it manually. I don't know of a tool that can do markdown, but couldn't you just preview the article and run something on it to check for errors?

  • Hey, I'm looking in my example sketches folder but not finding that SVL bootloader repair sketch like it shows in the example. Perhaps something needs to be updated? I'm using version 1.0.16

    Also your GitHub link to the bootloader page is broken.

  • "Aretemis" should be "Artemis" ;) (in the beginning of the Hardware Hookup section)

    Also "With eachother publc keys" should be fixed... The link didn't format correctly at the beginning of Example 4 "prevent" should be "prevents" in the beginning of Example 6 The list goes on...

    Nice hookup guide though! I guess it just hasn't been proofread yet.

  • Does anyone know how to do more advanced stuff like changing from °C to °F and calibrating it? There's a little button on the back of the control board, but I haven't been able to figure out what it does.

  • Yeah, that would be unfortunate. The other power banks like this that I've seen (even the much cheaper ones) all allow simultaneous power input/output.

  • It was still an impulse buy for me even though I did have a project planned 😂

  • Hmm, these look almost exactly like Midas Pro faders used in their M32 digital mixer. You can get a set of 5 of those for $150, and they're probably much higher quality (rated at 1 million cycles instead of 30,000). Not to mention they come with cool conductive knobs and the Midas logo... these still look pretty good for the price.

  • Aww man, I thought the Artemis boards all looked way better in black, but I missed the first run :(