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  • Awesome! I'm glad to see that Sparkfun is carrying Particle's new lineup of Mesh boards in both the kit, and the board only.

  • Nice! Too bad Ben Franklin didn't have one of these back in his day.

  • I believe Particle's data plan includes 3 MB of data per month, not 1 as the product description states. It's $3/month after the free first 3 months. I'm still on my first month, but it looks like I get 3MB monthly for my SIM card.

    The Electron is great, but when carriers sunset 3G networks in the near future, it may lose its value. I would love to see Sparkfun start carrying Particle's new Mesh boards, which include an LTE cellular gateway called Boron.

  • I wish Sparkfun would 'un-retire' these Hakko soldering stations. These things are good, super solid units. I was hoping to come back and buy another one in 10 or 20 years when mine finally needs to be replaced!

  • Hmm, the product description says it includes a 4GB SD card, but the pictures show an 8GB micro SD card with adapter...

  • Now I can't wait for mine to come so I can read the manual ;)

    Edit: Oh wait, they have a pdf of the manual! 🙄

  • From the schematic, it would appear that you can power it from an external 5v supply, and it will regulate its own 3.3v power for the Wifi/IMU chips. I think the idea is that it works basically like a normal Uno, with the addition of Wifi and stuff. So you can power it from a 5v supply, but not from only a 3.3v supply (without boost circuitry).

  • Aww, man! Completely forgot about it until now ;(

  • Or, if you don't need to save the cap, there's always the grab-with-pliers-and-squeeze approach.

  • Excuse me, that's not a seven-segment display, because a seven-segment display can't display the character "X"! The display on the shirt looks more like a sixteen-segment display to me ;)