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  • How wide is the tape? Does it have an adhesive backing?

  • The mbed is also stuck with that weird "online IDE" thing, so even if it cost $5 and offered every imaginable feature, it'd still be unworthy of consideration for anything I'm ever likely to do.

  • That is not a misspelling. "To effect" means "to bring about", as in "to effect change", or as one would speak of a robot's "end effector". "To affect" means "to have an effect on".

    If one said that "Joe affected the robot's operation", that would mean that Joe had done something which changed the way the robot was working. If one said that "Joe effected the robot's operation", that would mean that Joe had done something which allowed the robot to work at all.

  • "requires the infamous ATmega microcontroller" - huh? What makes the ATMega line "infamous"? Is there some issue I haven't heard about? I think they are rather nice and use them in most of my designs.

  • The DIP version of the TLC5940 can be a little difficult to source. I tried to order a dozen of them for a project last year, and it took Digikey so long to get them in stock that I ended up cancelling the order and picking them up in ones and twos on eBay.

  • Rocksome! I've cobbled together a couple versions of this and would much rather just buy one prefab. This looks like it does exactly what I want for almost any battery-powered electronic device - thanks.

  • Nice. I'm working on a project right now that uses both the ITG-3200 and the ADXL345, so this board is very welcome - especially because I am trying to fit a lot of parts in a small space.
    From the pictures, I'm guessing the dimensions of this board are 0.6" x 0.7" - am I right?

  • Can this chip do 31250 bps? I am planning an Arduino project that needs two independent MIDI interfaces; I know the ATMega1280 can do this but I'd rather stick with the good ol' 328.

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